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Belgrade - city i suburban trafic

  • BeovozBeovoz
  • BG trainBG train

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  • PutnickiLocal
  • Brzi vozFast
  • Inter CityInter City

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  • BuffetBuffet
  • RestaurantRestaurant
  • Second ClassSecond Class
  • First ClassFirst Class
  • CoushetteCoushette
  • SleepSleep
  • Possible seat reservationPossible reservation
  • Mandatory seat reservationMandatory reservation

Other offers

  • T3 - Tourist cabin with three beds
  • T2 - Tourist cabin with two beds
  • Bc6 - Coushette with six beds
  • Bc4 - Coushette with four beds
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Closure on railways lines between stations Villach Hbf. (Austrija) and Jesenice (Slovenija) due to civil engineering works
In the period from August 4/5 to 13/14, 2014, the organization of train service for train No 414-464 and 465-415 with direct coaches on the route Belgrade-Schwarzach St. Veit-Zürich HB. and vice versa. will be changed. More detailed;
Train service organization changes on the relation Beograd-Bar-Beograd
In the period from July 4, 2014, train No 12433 will depart from Beograd at 18:05 with arrival time in Bar at 9:52. The train No 12432 will depart from Bar at 17:00 and arrive in Beograd at 10:07;
Starting from July 4, 2014 direct coaches operate on Novi Sad-Bar-Novi Sad route
Train departure from Novi Sad to Bar with direct coaches is at 15:17 (departure from Belgrade is at 18:05), sceduled arrival in Bar is at 09:52. Train departure with direct coaches from Bar to Novi Sad is at 17:00h (departure from Belgrade is at 11:15), and sceduled arrival in Novi Sad is at 12:50;
The car transporting train on the route Belgrade-Bar-Belgrade will be introduced into service on July 4th 2014.
Car transporting train No 1345/1344 will depart at 17:20 from Belgrade and is scheduled to arrive at Bar at 8:49 on the following day. The departure from Bar is at 16:21 and the scheduled arrival to Belgrade at 8:20 on the following day. The train is composed only of wagons for transport of accompanied cars;
According to Hungarian Railways (MAV-Start) information, the construction work on the part of the railways between stations Szajol and Puspokladany shall be extended
In the period from June 30 to July 18 and from July 19 to August 25, 2014, train No 15/16 „Tisa“ will operate with modified timetable. More detailed;
Passenger train service is re-established on Belgrade-Lazarevac-Belgrade route
After the rehabilitation of infrastructure capacities, trains on route Belgrade-Lazarevac-Belgrade will be in service starting from June 13, 2014. Passenger trains are in service on Belgrade-Lazarevac-Belgrade and Lastra-Vrbnica-Lastra route. There is no service on the line section between Lazarevac and Lastra stations. More detailed;
Starting from Saturday, 7 June, instead of the morning train on Beograd - Bar route a night train will run
"Serbian Railways" will introduce, starting from Saturday, 7 June, a night train instead of the morning train on Beograd- Bar route, and that train will be the only international train on this route until further notice. The international train to Bar will departure from Belgrade railway station at 18.05 h and it will run via alternative route via Lapovo and Kraljevo. On it´s way the train will stop at the following railway stations: Velika Plana, Lapovo, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Čačak and Užice, and it will continue further via regular route to Bar. The train will arrive in Bar at 10.24 h. The train will departure from Bar at 17.00 h and from Užice it will also run via alternative route to Beograd. The arrival of the train in Beograd is scheduled for 9.28 h. The train composition will consist of wagons with sitting compartment, couchettes and sleeping cars, while the wagons for vehicle transport will temporarily not run. Until the regular traffic to Bar via Valjevo i Požega is re-established, the trains from Beograd to Bar at 9.10 h and 20.10 h, as well as season trains from Subotica at 18.18 h, train with wagon for vehicle transport from Beograd at 21.10 h and direct wagons from Moscow, Prague and Budapest to Bar will temporarily not run.
After Reparation of Some Damaged Railway Sections Few Local Passenger Trains Run Again, International Trains Coming From South Run Only to Niš
There are more railway lines on which regular and safe passenger traffic is back to normal, today, on Sunday, May 18, thanks to „Serbian Railways“ employees, who have worked very hard for two days in order to repair all damages and landslides caused by flood on great number of railway sections all over the country. Starting from today, May 18, international trains from Thessaloniki, Skopje and Sofia will not run to Belgrade, but only to Niš and from Niš back. Due to the damages that are still to be repaired on Niš - Belgrade section, these trains will not run on this route. Morning train between Belgrade and Bar run on Bar – Požega – Bar route, and will not run between Belgrade and Požega, because this section is still to be repaired. Due to this fact, night trains between Belgrade and Bar will not run until further notice. International train on Belgrade – Zurich - Belgrade route runs only between Šid and Zurich, and for the passengers of this train bus transport from Šid to Belgrade is provided in both directions.
Passenger Traffic Organization for Saturday May, 17: on Belgrade - Zurich Route Bus Transport between Šid and the Capital City
“Serbian Railways” have established today new organization of international and local passenger railway traffic, bearing in mind current situation caused by floods and landslides, which damaged many railway sections. Situation on field is being regularly monitored, and train traffic is being organized on daily basis according to possibilities and situation on railway lines. Due to this morning traffic interruption on Sremska Mitrovica – Martinci route, on Belgrade – Šid railway main line, caused by water growth in channel connected to river Sava, traffic organization of the international passenger train between Belgrade and Zurich has been changed. Passenger on this train will be transported by bus from Belgrade to Šid, and from Šid to Zurich by train with about 90 minutes of delay in departure from Šid to Switzerland. Passengers who travel from Zurich to Belgrade by train will arrive in Šid and then they will be transported by bus to the capital of Serbia. Bus transport on this route is organized by "Serbian Railways".
International Railway Passenger Traffic Reduced from May 16 Due to Flooded and Damaged Railway Sections in Serbia
International passenger trains that run from Belgrade to Sofia and Thessaloniki, from May 16, 2014, will departure from Stalać instead from Belgrade, and will not run from Belgrade to Stalać. The trains from Sofia and Thessaloniki will also run only to Stalać, and will not run on Stalać - Belgrade route. The international train between Belgrade and Skopje, which departures from Belgrade at 7.50 am to Macedonia, from May 16, will not run from Belgrade to Niš, but only on Niš - Skopje - Niš route. The international morning train from Belgrade to Bar at 9.10 am will not run on Belgrade - Požega route, but only from Požega to Bar, as well as from Bar at 9.00 am to Požega. The train will not run between Požega and Belgrade. The international night trains on Belgrade - Bar - Belgrade route, as well as direct wagons to Bar on Subotica - Belgrade - Subotica route, will not run until further notice. For the passenger of this international trains bus transport on the routes where railway traffic is currently interrupted is not provided. Only the international passenger trains on Belgrade - Subotica - Belgrade route will operate according the timetable.
International train "HELLAS" will operates on the route Beograd-Thessaloniki and back
Starting from May 9, 2014, train No. 335 will operate on the route Beograd-(Skopje)-Thessaloniki with departure from Beograd at 6:45 p.m. and from May 10, 2014 train No. 334 will operate on the route Thessaloniki-(Skopje)-Beograd with departure from Thessaloniki at 3:52 p.m.;
"Nostalgija" runs in the summer season
On April 11, 2014 museum train „Nostalgija“ will start operating on „Šarganska Osmica“ and will run till October 31, 2014 More detailed;
Prices for Zone 1 (RSD):

Box office price:60.00
Price in teh train:120.00
Half-month price:800.00
Month price:1500.00
Prices for Zone 2 (RSD):

Box office price:100.00
Price in teh train:200.00
Half-month price:800.00
Month price:1500.00
Prices for Zone 3 (RSD):

Box office price:200.00
Price in teh train:400.00
Half-month price:800.00
Month price:1500.00
PANČEVO VOJLOVICA Pančevo strelište Pančevo varoš Pančevo glavna Ovča Sebeš Krnjača PANČEVAČKI MOST Vukov spomenik Karađorđev park BATAJNICA Zemun polje Zemun Tošin bunar Novi beograd Rakovica BEOGRAD CENTAR
Kneževac Kijevo Resnik Pinosava Ripanj kolonija Ripanj Klenje Ripanj tunel Ralja Sopot kosmajski Vlaško polje MLADENOVAC Bela reka Nenadovac Barajevo centar Veliki borak Leskovac kolubarski Stepojevac Vreoci Lazarevac Lajkovac Slovac Mlađevo Divci Iverak Lukovac kolubarski VALJEVO
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